Presented at Virtual Museum Amsterdam 2011

> > > 20 CHAIRS



You are invited to enter and inhabit a particular theatrical event [Is it THEATRE or an EVENT] In fact, you are about to decide whether you are one of the performers during this experience [Am I a performer?]

While there, you are a given familiar sets of binary choices [COFFEE or TEA] and you follow the questioning logic of the format that slowly unfolds. You participate to the degree you feel compelled. [Do I really WANT this?]

You’re not alone. [It says 20 others, RIGHT?] While seated, you experience the choices, determination and doubts of other participants. In fact this game can only function when it is completed by the presence of all of you, your opinions and decisions.

Twenty of you, take part in this game. [So it IS a game?] Perhaps game is not the right word. This project is a hybrid of formats you are very familiar with such as television debate, talk show, speed dating, council meeting or group therapy.

I choose, therefore I am!

You can choose your day and your seat. You can even have a look at who is seated next to you [SINGLE or MARRIED] and then decide. Though you might not know this person, you might agree on some serious issues. [OR disagree?]

Concept, Creation and Design:
Ash Bulayev (
Nancy Stamatopoulou (
Tzeni Argyriou (
Miguel Angel Melgares (

Advisor: Dirk Verstockt
Dramaturgical Assistance: Ásgerður Gunnarsdóttir
Curation and Publicity: Jos Tendijck
Interactive Programming: Arjen Keesmaat
Sound Design: Rein Hartog
Website Design: Esther Verhamme/project 28
Website Programming: Abu Saebu
3D Chair Design: Christopher Brellis/antidot design studio
Special Constructions: Rein Hartog

Thank you: Stadsdeel Zuid, Lex Meijer, Anita Frank, Juul Beeren, Maud Beeren, Susan Rittermann, Barbara Van Lindt, Georg Weinand, Rein Hartog, Mark Jansen, Igor Dobricic, Harry Kraaij, Henk De Vroom, Simon den Hartog, Pablo Pinkus, Kirsten van den Hul, Saskia Rill, Peter Stamer

Pleas(e)nter would not be possible without the Cultural Grant from the Stadsdeel Zuid. This project also functions as a DasArts master proof work.