Presented at  Tryangle Festival – Marseille 2013, Festival Temp de Image – Dusseldorf 2014 and Athens Festival 2014.

Memorandum is a hybrid performance/installation that evokes a journey of remembering in a landscape made of fragmented images, shadows and sounds. The use of space and materials creates an autonomous installation, a scaffold of an inactive mechanism that becomes active and interacts audio visually with the performers and the viewers. And so memorandum functions as a mechanism of reminder for all these that we shouldn’t forget.

A creation of Tzeni Argyriou
in collaboration with visual artists Vassilis Gerodimou
Sotirios Bahtsetzis : dramaturge / Coti K, Nikos Veliotis : musicians / Thomas Fourneau : VJ artist/ Miguel Pereira, Simon Rummel, Soledad Zarka : performers / Eugenios Tzafestas: light designer/ Miltos Athanasiou: lighting installation / Antonis Nikiforos : general technician

Coproduction: Théâtre des Bernardines, O Espaço do Tempo, tanzhaus nrw, and Marseille-Provence 2013, Capitale européenne de la culture

With the support of: French Institue Athens, Institut français and Conseil Régional PACA and EHESS Paris (Labex), KLAP Maison pour la danse, Camp, Athens Festival, Festival Filippon, Festival Naxou

Thanks to our archival condributors: Museum Benaki, Vaggelis Nikopoulos, Nikos Politis, Miltos Athanasiou, Alexis Chatzialexiou / Memorandum performance was initiated in the frame of Tryangle European Laboratory of artistic research residency.

Photos by: Vasilis Xenias, Miltos Athanasiou, Evgenios Tzafestas, Evi Fylaktou