Memoria Obscura

Presented at Regional Theater of Grevena 2012,
Regional Theater of Kavala 2013
IETM AThens at Virsodepseio Theater 2013

Memoria Obscura is a commission work for the public presentation of the book Grevena 80 years of photographs 1895-1975 edited by collector Vaggelis Nikopoulos. The photos that the collector confided to the creator, together with the commission, capture images of life, pain, action, war, slaughters and betrayal, all the violence of occupation of Greece and Civil war and the military dictatorship, and at the same time images of family, festivities and social harmony. All together effortlessly highlight the evolution of Greece, in the last century.

“Looking at photographs I was wondering, what are the consequences of the lack of historical consciousness in our generation; How could we cope with times, similar to those shown on the pictures; Could such a material be able to awaken memories without supporting an actual truth; ”

“A picture is not necessarily a presumption of truth, but it can be the starting point of creative thinking.
-How do you bring life in a still image?
-How do you give voice to a dead document?
-How do you recall the experience of a moment past?