‘Synomilies’ – A performance that explores the process of creating a painting through a choreographic composition.


The dramaturgical line of the piece is inspired by the work of Yannis Moralis and the way he conversed with the human body during his artistic career. The audience witnesses a process consistent with that of the artistic creation of a work in an artist’s studio.

Χ.Δουλγερης_1 It is a small ritual that follows the process of working and experimenting while making a work. Two performers/dancers, a choreographer a visual artist and a costume designer collaborate to create this sculptural painting in motion. The two performers will move within a ‘canvas’, the interplay of their bodies and the colours contained in their clothing and their relationship to the background, will take us on a journey with their own glossary of bodily relationships and forms inspired by the paintings and colour palette of Yannis Moralis.

The performance was presented at the house – studio of Yannis Moralis in Aegina in the context of the 13th Aegina Fistiki Fest.
An initiative of the Society for the Study, Research and Promotion of Modern Greek Art – Yannis Moralis Laboratory (


Tzeni Argyriou

Dimitra Mertzani
Alexis Fousekis

Vassilis Gerodimos

Selected sound tracks
Johann Sebastian Bach
George Poulios
Nikos Tsolis

Contribution to costume research
Vassilia Rosanna

Clothing construction
Maya Stores and Eftychia Tzavara

Assistant choreographer
Mairy Vossou

Event curation
Christina Morali
Niki Daphne

Christos Doulgeris

Sponsor of the events at the Moralis House