Press Quotes

Memorandum”: A memorandum that we deserve

“Elements from different eras have been used to make us travel in time in order to enlighten us for the past and make us think for the present.” Renalia Gargaropoulou- adARTes 107- 2013

A shifting landscape: Contemporary dance and the conditions of crisis

“In this process of remembering, the choreographer explores and exploits part of the past in an effort to reappropriate history, inviting us to consider the potentiality of the present beyond what is currently actualized or envisaged. Memorandum thus creates a public space, embodying tension, resistances and oppositions, where new subjectivities can be formed and new possibilities imagined.” B. Panagiotara & S.Tsintzilioni, Roehampton University

Memoria Obscura in Black and White by Tzeni Argyriou

“The history is written again and again, it’s on us to read it with a subjective eye without falling to the attractions of the past.” “With five major layers which are composing miraculously a great display screen wall, Argyriou stirs memories, marks the nostalgia of the era and suggests a clean modern look to citizenship as transformed every year and adjustes as many new arising as time passes” A. & K. Koufalis- Eleftherotypia, 2013

Memoria Obscura is an excellent performance that amazed the audience.

We dare say that Tzeni Argyriou’s work will be the peak performance from all that have passed or will pass this year at the Valakou Theatre. […] Sometimes when the performance ends, its relation with the spectator ends somehow automatically. There are sometimes though, when the end of the performance signals only the end of the first cycle, as the “food for thought” that remains at the spectator signals a new cycle by itself… In our humble opinion this is the category in which Argyriou’s performance belongs under the title “Memoria Obscura”, Angelos Kalogrias- Evdomi Efimerida, February 2013

DieWiege der Krise. Öffentliche Kulturkürzungen auf der einen, prosperierende Stiftungen auf der anderen Seite: Die griechische Theaterszene spiegelt das Land in der Schuldenkrise und wagt zugleich neue Aufbrüche. Eine Reportage

“Zu dieser neuen Off-Szene gehört auch die Performerin Tzeni Argyriou, die beim Low-Budget-Festival im Cacoyannis-Center ihre erste eigene Arbeit zeigt: «Dr. Maybe Darling Version 11.0.5 in process». Mit den spröden Charme einer Miranda July, die in Gießen ein paar postdramatische Nachhilfestunden genommen hat, steht sie in der Tiefgarage und trifft den aktuellen Knackpunkt griechischer Befindlichkeit im Kern: Sie zeigt ein Video, in dem sie junge Griechen befragt, ob sie glauben, dass sie selbst entscheidungsfreudig oder entscheidungsschwach sind. Mit den unterschiedlichsten Gesichtsausdrücken sind sich alle einig: Sie können sich nicht entscheiden, ob sie sich gut oder schlecht entscheiden können. Das Publikum amüsiert sich und trifft gemeinsam mit Tzeni Argyriou die Entscheidung, raus vor die Tür auf die breite Piräus-Avenue zu gehen und gemeinsam den Verkehr zu blockieren. Nach ein paar Minuten gespielter Site-specific-Randale kehrt man lachend wieder auf die polierten Granitstufen des erst kürzlich eröffneten Cacoyannis-Centers zurück, um gemeinsam für ein Gruppenfoto zu posieren.” ARMIN KERBER- Ausland-23.02.2012

Conversation with our minds and souls

Τzeni Argyriou presented the original performance, with a very clever subject and imaginative acting, Dr. Maybe Darling- Matina Kaltaki – Lifo, 27/10/2010

Dr Maybe Darling

“She is writing on her computer and through the curtain/ screen, through the computer and the projector, which means through technology, we have the chance to follow not only the figure but also the thoughts of the young woman interpreting Dr Maybe Darling. […] Suddenly, through the reactions of Dr Maybe Darling we recognize a lot of our own reactions. And if throughout the performance the audience was laughing it is because they recognize their own selves in this intelligent discussion with the mind and human soul.”, Olga Sella- Kathimerini, 24/10/2010

See you in …..Walhallathens!

“Don’t be put off by our title; it’s just a play on words taken from the title of the hi-tech performance “See You in Walhalla” (2-3/7), a picture which is featured on the cover of “athinorama” and which has been selected as one of the not-to-be-missed performances of this years Athens festival.” Athinorama, I.Dimadi, 31/5-7/6/2007

Walhalla: enter

“See you in Walhalla, by, is an extraordinary worldwide first. It is the first time that a three-dimensional computer game has been shown unfolding live in a theatre and in real time. Walhalla is a world of signs, long avenues, cross-roads, crowds of people, graffiti, concrete and water, which comes alive in the hands of the player. It is a utopia which is both notional and encountered: somewhere that does not exist, but can yet be detected in everyone’s experience. A timeless no-where, where day succeeds night at the will of the player who presses the right button; where a turning at a set of traffic lights in Amsterdam leads to an open piece of waste-land in Athens, a dark room in Sofia or to a completely unknown environment – a product of imagination.” Ef- E.Tzitzilaki, 21/6/2007

Walhalla, a digital dance drama

“One of the best Greek producers of new media dance drama that we have seen up to now has also chosen Valhalla as a title to speak about the relationship between the virtual and real body, as well as dramaturgy in the age of the virtual environment. […]Her prison is the tiny window of the computer. The Internet and games are nothing more than an extension of the imposition of this economy on the individual. “The loneliness of the ‘player’, and his obsession with technology urgently pose the question: who is in control, the player or the game?” The creators of this performance pose this question and provide their own answer: the Fwd: See you in Walhalla is an investigative project, on which artistic companies and new media university groups worked for a year in Greece, Bulgaria, Holland and Germany.” M.Tsimitakis -Kathimerini, 15/7/2007


“Game on.

Player-traveller: a girl.

Route: any urban location and the entire digital world.

Destination: the sacred city of Walhalla. We saw the performance last year and liked it. Its setting is a three-dimensional video-game, which plunges you into a virtual world both imaginary and real: “Virtual reality”. […]together with the lights and sounds, before long, you feel that you too are connected up; and the more you “lose” yourself, the clearer your thinking becomes.” Athens Voice, 28-4/7/2007


“Is it art, theatre, an art installation or something else? Jenny Argyriou and Ash Bulayev aim to produce original creations which combine movement, the theatrical interpretation of the image, design and sound and which are not pigeon-holed as belonging to a particular artistic form.

” Christos Polymenakis- Ozon, 2004