Research Presentation


The artistic force that moves this new creation comes out from the need to redefine ways of connecting with people beyond a device-to-device communication. With this new project we would like to dance, to generate the need of dancing with others, finding ways to include them in a collective physical and shared experience.

The choreographic research in Anonymo is based in the exploration of connectivity in terms of physical presence, co-existence and exchange within a group of people. We are creating a ceremony, a contemporary ritual that while being inspired by tradition and folklore, transcend the formal movement, patrons and rhythms in order to find a space for togetherness.

On the one hand we are exploring mechanisms that connect nowadays to a preexisting idea of art forms and disciplines, where for example singing or dancing was embedded in the society, generating identities. Anonymous art forms that have been binding us as people. On the other hand we are investigating contemporary understanding of connectivity. If the industrial revolution transformed forever our understanding of time and labor, increasing the levels of anonymity in the saturated metropolis, the media revolution is shaping our ways of physical interactions.

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Anonymus Draft 01
Internationale Tanzmesse Open Studios 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany September 1st, at 17.00, Studio 4
Co-Producers and supporters : Onassis Cultural Centre–Athens